Manhole Cover with Machining

Manhole Cover with Machining

product description

Detailed information of manhole cover
1.Casting experience: 10years,OEM service available.
2.Process: Sand Casting, Investment Casting  (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting).
3.Production Capacity: Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
4.Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Product Description

China Casting Factory Supplies Manhole Cover with Machining
1.Process:Sand Casting, Investment Casting  (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting).
2.Casting experience:10years,OEM service available
3.Surface:Blackening, galvanize, plating,painting,etc.
4.Material:QT, iron, steel
5.Technology:Sand casting
6.Advantages:Delivery on time,  according to the demand for materials
7.Packing:Wooden case or as your requirement.
8.Deliverywithin 20 days after receiving last confirm information.
9.Production Capacity:Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
10.Certification:ISO 9001:2008.

Typical products:
Scaffold fittings, Template parts, Railway fittings, ring flange , electromagnetic steel cover, piston, pressure plate, center plate, wear plate, cylinder, impeller, disc etc.

Manufacturing process:
1.Sample or Drawing by customer
2.Tooling proposal&Discussion
3.3D Tooling Design
4.Tooling production
5.Rough parts manufacturer
6.CNC Machining
8.Tooling Measurement&Check
10.Trial Production
12.Final Trial
13.Samples Inspection
14.Sample Approval by customer
15.Tooling Approval
16.Ductile iron sand casting








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