Manhole Cover Frame with Coating

product description

Detailed information of manhole cover
1.Casting experience: 10years,OEM service available.
2.Process: Sand Casting, Investment Casting  (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting).
3.Production Capacity: Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
4.Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Product Description

Ductile Iron Resin Casting Manhole Cover Frame with Coating

Characteristics of our manhole cover:
1. Material: cast gray iron, ductile iron.
2. Shape: round, square, rectangle and triangle.
3. Diameter: from 200mm to 1200mm.
4. Weight: from 7kg to 154kg or according to customers\’ requirment
5. Packing: in wooden  pallet with plastic layer
6. Annual output: 10,000 tons
7. Coating: black bitumen or Coating as per customers’ requirement
8. Use :municipal engineering, Traffic, or drainage system and industrial facilities of valve well.

1. Advantage of our Manhole Covers
1) Can supply all kinds of load class Product such as A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900
2) Against theft and safety, double sealed, watertight type
3)material No. GGC50(DIN1693-73),QT500-7(GB/T1348-1988), 80-55-06(ASTM A536), 500/7(BS2789:1985).
4)Free charge of design.
5) 3 day pay for ready if the request in storck.

2. Detailed information of manhole cover
1) Various manhole cover made by GX Foundry strictly conform to standard and free from sand holes,             blowholes,distortion or any other defects
a) Automatic machine lines
b) Moulding boards
c) Green sand with hand moulding

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