Iron Manhole Cover

product description

1) Various manhole cover made by GX Foundry strictly conform to standard and free from sand holes, blowholes,distortion or any other defects
a) Automatic machine lines
b) Moulding boards
c) Green sand with hand moulding

Product Description

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover from Sand Casting Manufacturer

Manhole Cover
Cast iron manhole cover
We can produce all kind of manhole cover with customers’ drawing or sample.
OEM ans ODM are welcomed.

Sand casting:
Materials: cast iron, ductile iron: QT500-7, QT400, QT450, gray iron casting
Casting tolerance: CT9-CT12 Standards: GB, ASTM, SAE, ISO, EN, DIN, JIS, BS
Piece weight: Al 50 g – 100 kg
Cast iron: 0, 5 – 2000 kg
Heat treating: Annealing, discharge, carbonization, tempering, normalization and surface tempering Surface finishing: Grinding, polishing, painting and various coatings

How to order:
1.Sample or Drawing by customer
2.Tooling proposal&Discussion
3.3D Tooling Design
4.Tooling production
5.Rough parts manufacturer
6.CNC Machining
8.Tooling Measurement&Check
10.Trial Production
12.Final Trial
13.Samples Inspection
14.Sample Approval by customer
15.Tooling Approval
16.Ductile iron sand casting

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