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product description

OEM Grey Iron Cast Parts Sand Cast Parts with Cast Process

1.Main equipments: Furnaces;heat treatment furnaces;direct-reading spectrometer;shot -blasting equipments, etc.

2.Surface treatment: polishing,plating,shot blasting,heat treatment ,etc

3.Inspection and test: Foundry in home,third part inspection,Material report,UT, MT, RT, and PT,etc..

4.Packing and shipping : Stand export packing;20day make modul & sample;delivery time against your quantity.

5.Casting service: your logo, character, trade name, number etc can be casted on the surface clearly.


Product Description

OEM Grey Iron Cast Parts Sand Cast Parts with Cast Process

Product Specification

1.Material:Cast iron,Grey iron

2.Process Sand casting

3.Certificate ISO9001:2008

4.Material Standard Stainless steel, ductile Iron , grey Iron ,Aluminum, bronze, zinc alloy, zinc, brass, copper, aluminum alloy etc

5.Machining Tolerance ±0.005mm

6.CNC machining equipments::Boring machine, line cutter, CNC lathe, CNC machining center, Grinding machine, drilling machine,N/A lathe, N/C lathe and all types of lathe

7.Surface finish process Galvanized, painting, chroming, nicking, baking, plastic coating,powder coating,polishing, heat treatment,magnetic particial test,harden,anodizing

8.Service:OEM service available.

9.Product All kinds of casting parts,pump parts,valve parts can be made, as per

customers’ requirement

10.Technology available:Investment casting,Die casting,CNC machining,forging,

11.Advantage: Good quality and strict delivery time.

Production details:

1.Material: GGG40.



4.Technological process: Sand casting+CNC Machining.

5.Inspection: mechanical properties, leaking free test conducted by in-house or third party

6.Use: Submersible pump body .

A. Sodium silicate sand casting.
B. Steel, SST.
C. Weight: Upto 7000KG.
D. Pump body, impeller, etc.
E. Hydraulic test, and other necessary inspections available.
F. Further machining: CNC machining, turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, threading as your drawing.
G. OEM service.
H. ISO9001: 2008.

Production capacity:

1. Casting classification: Sand casting; Precision casting; Vacuum process casting etc.
2. Gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.
3. Adoption standard: BS, DIN, ASTM GB etc.
4. Weight range: 0.5~5000kg.
5. Producing capacity: 2, 000 tons per month.
6. Main application: Metallurgy; Machinery; Plastics; Rubber; Pharmaceutical;
Textiles; Mining; Paper-making; Packaging.
7. Main equipments: Furnaces; Heat treatment furnaces; Direct-reading spectrometer; Shot -blasting equipments, etc.
8. Surface treatment: Polishing, plating, shot blasting, heat treatment, etc
9. Inspection and test: Foundry in home, third part inspection, Material report, UT, MT, RT, and PT, etc…
10. Packing and shipping: Stand export packing; 20day make modul & sample; Delivery time against your quantity.
11. Casting service: Your logo, character, trade name, number etc can be casted on the surface clearly.

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