Bucket Adaptor Teeth (Forged & Casted)

product description

Machining Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008
Export Markets: Global
Shipping Port: Qingdao Port
Package: Plywood Box
Origin: Weifang, Shangdong, China
Casting Method: Thermal Gravity Casting
Material: Metal
Surface Roughness: Ra3.2
Standard: ASTM

Product Description

Bucket Adaptor Teeth (Forged & Casted)


Product Description

1.Excavator bucket tooth color:yellow or black

2.Excavator bucket tooth technique:precision casting

3.Excavator bucket tooth certification:ISO9001:2008

4.Excavator bucket tooth warranty time:2000hours or 1year

5.Excavator bucket tooth material:manganese steel, alloy steel

6.Excavator bucket tooth working environment:mining.road,earthmoving

7.Excavator bucket tooth shipping method:express,sea,air

8.Excavator bucket tooth delivery:7 days

We are the manufacturer of spare parts for excavator and bulldozer in China and we have been in the field of OEM undercarriage parts for 15 years. Our main products are track roller, top roller, idler and sprocket.We have passed TUV assessment -we have our own factory. Be cautious when choosing partner. Most of the Chinese company took goods from our company and sold to you.

Materials: Alloy Steel, round bar steel
Machine Type:Excavator,Bulldozer,Loader…
Colors: Black, Yellow, Green ,Black
Technique: Forging

Heart treatment:Quenching ,tempering and annealing treatment

Hardness:Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >15J ; Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >28J
WorkCondition:With excellent tensile and yield strength, good abrasion and impact resistance,they are very suitable for many different hard working conditions.
Sort Name Bucket Teeth and Adapters
Size customized & OEM part number (1U3302,1U3252,1U3352, 9W8452, 6I6602, 9W8552, 7T3402, 4T5501, 6Y0309, 9W2451, 9W2452,2713Y1217, E161-3027, E262-3046, 53103205, 53103208, 53103209, 1U1357, 6I6354 , 6I6404,8E0464, 6I6464, 1U1304,114-0464 3G8354,3G6304…)
Main Business Grader Blades,Motor Grader End Bit,Cutting Edge,Bucket Edges,Bucket Teeth,Bolts and Nuts
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas

Bucket Teeth And Adapters:PLYWOOD CASES;
Payment L/C,D/P,T/T

斗齿 3 2 包装 客户2 圣奥证书1

Bucket teeth AVAILABLE for other wheel loaders, excavators, and tooth systems:
CAT Excavator/Loader/ Bulldozer Bucket Teeth
KOMATSU Excavator/Loader Bucket Teeth
HITACHI Excavator/Loader Bucket Teeth
JCB Excavator/Loader Bucket Teeth
KOBELCO Excavator Bucket Teeth
HYUNDAI Excavator Bucket Teeth
TEREX Excavator Bucket Teeth
Volvo Excavator Bucket Teeth
LIEBHERR Excavator/Loader Bucket Teeth
BUCYRUS Excavator/Shovel Bucket Teeth
P&H Excavator/Electrical Shovel Bucket Teeth
DOOSAN Excavator Bucket Teeth
DAEWOO Excavator Bucket Teeth
SANY Excavator Bucket Teeth
SDLG Excavator Bucket Teeth
XUGONG Excavator Bucket Teeth
LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Teeth

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PC1250-8 LC  PC1400  PC1500-1  PC1600-1  PC1800-6  PC2000-8  PC200-5  PC200-6 LC  PC200-8 HD PC210-5  PC210-6  PC220-3  PC220-3 LC  PC220-5  PC220-5 LC  PC220-6 LC  PC220-7 LC  PC220-8 LC PC228-3 USLC  PC240-3  PC240-5  PC240-6  PC240-6 HLC  PC240-6 LC  PC250-6 LC  PC270-6 LC  PC270-7 LC PC270-8 LC  PC280-3 LC  PC290-6 LC  PC290-6 NLC  PC3000  PC300-3  PC300-5  PC300-5 HD  PC300-5 LC PC300-6  PC300-6 HD  PC300-6 LC  PC300-7 HD  PC300-7 LC  PC300-8 HD  PC300-8 LC  PC308-3 USLC PC340-6  PC340-6 LC  PC340-6 NLC  PC350-6  PC360-5  PC360-C LC  PC380-6 LC  PC4000  PC400-3 PC400-3 LC  PC400-5  PC400-5 HD  PC400-5 LC  PC400-6  PC400-6 HD  PC400-6 LC  PC400-6 LCSE PC400-7 LC  PC400-8 LC  PC450-6  PC450-6 LC  PC450-6 LCD  PC5500  PC5500  PC600-6  PC600-6 LC PC600-7 LC  PC600-7 SE  PC600-8 LC  PC60-5  PC60-5 U  PC60-6  PC60-7  PC60-7B  PC650-1  PC650-3 PC650-3 LC  PC650-5  PC650-5  PC650-5 LC  PC650-5 SE  PC750-6  PC750-6  PC750-6 LC  PC750-6 SE PC750-7 LC  PC8000  PC800-8LC PC800-8LCMH  PW200-7  PW220-7  W260-1  WA1200-3  WA1200-3HL  WA480-5 WA500-1  WA500-3 WA500-6  WA600-1  WA600-3  WA600-6  WA700-1  WA700-3  WA800-1  WA800-2 WA800-3  WA899-3  WA900-1  WA900-3



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